Get Your

Groceries Delivered!

Can't or don't want to go out to shop?

Can't get a pick up or delivery date soon enough?

Can't get hard to find essentials? 

Let me shop for you.

(In and around Charlotte, NC)


I know everyone is struggling in so many ways right now. We're all trying to survive.  


I'm a mom of six kids so I'm used to working from home, but not like this! I didn't homeschool, so that's a new twist to the mix too. My husband and I own our own businesses, but we've been closed for weeks now. So we're doing other things right now to generate income. 


I saw people posting how they couldn't get what they needed, or couldn't get timely deliveries so I decided to help them and my family. In just a few days I've been overwhelmed by the magnitude of gratitude from everyone for my shopping and delivery services. 


Shopping totals:

Under $100 - $20 fee

$101-200 - $30 fee

$201-300 - $40 fee

$301-400 - $50 fee

$10 for each additional store

(extra fee may apply for over 10 miles from me in Ballantyne)


I will take a minimum $50 deposit via venmo or zelle... the remaining balance will be texted once shopping is finished. I'll deliver right to your door. 


I'm also buying much needed essentials while I'm out shopping. I'm trying to have extras on hand that can be added to your delivery as needed. 


I'm open to doing other errands that are still permitted during this stay at home order.


I can provide references.


I can include any products from my business as well.

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