I know face covers are mandatory in some area/cities/states, but I also know there are some people who can't (for whatever reason) wear a mask or want another layer of protection while using a mask. These can be worn with glasses and/or a mask. The inside against the forehead is padded for more comfort. They are lightweight and one size fits most. There's photos of elementary, middle, high school, and adult wearing the same mask. There is a thin plastic film on each side that you remove before using. You can carefully keep the plastic film to reapply between uses. I have TONS of fabric options. If you want a particular color (especially more adult like let me know. I have tons more that aren't as child themed.)$2 each to add a name or initials. I don't suggest putting your child's name if they will wear them in pubic... for safety reasons. I think it's great idea for school, daycare, or camp though. Please text or message me for fabric options.Payment received determines order they are made and fabric availability.

Face shield - one size fits most (children and adults)

Shield Options
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